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Rapid Recert: Your Complete Recertification Solution

Rapid Recert is the gold standard for ABOG recertification solutions. We have developed a suite of products to assist you at every stage of the recertification process.

Summaries of the Annual ABOG Reading List

Rapid Recert, LLC summarizes the articles on the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ABOG) Maintenance of Certification Reading List. Our Editorial team of Board-certified ob/gyns condenses each article into a concise but comprehensive 1-2 page précis. Each summary is professionally prepared, highly readable, and meticulously edited. We guarantee that our summaries contain everything you need to pass your exam. You'll read less, retain more, and recertify in a fraction of the time.

Choose Basic Service to access our summaries online ($119 per book or $299 annually). Choose Premium Print Service to receive each set of summaries delivered to your doorstep, bound and sheathed in a protective jacket ($149 per book or $349 annually; includes complimentary online access). Summaries are available online approximately 4 weeks after articles are released, and in print about 2 weeks later.

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Study Solutions for the MOC Part III Written Examination

Beginning in 2013, Diplomates in the 6th year of their maintenance of certification cycle are required to take a secure written examination in order to remain Board-certified. This comprehensive examination covers a broad range of topics relevant to current clinical practice. Diplomates must choose two "selectives" from the following list:

  • Obstetrics only
  • Gynecology only
  • Office Practice and Women’s Health only
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology and Office Practice/Women’s Health

Diplomates must answer 50 multiple-choice questions in each of their chosen "selectives", and must achieve a passing score in order to avoid having their Board-certification revoked

Rapid Recert has been providing high-quality summaries of the ABOG MOC reading list for years. We've saved our subscribers hundreds of hours by condensing their required readings into laser-focused, high-quality summaries. Now Rapid Recert is pleased to offer the only comprehensive suite of products specifically designed to prepare you MOC part III written exam. We don't offer review courses for the oral Boards or critiques of your case list. We do one thing and one thing only: We are The Recertification Experts™.

Together, this suite of products is all you need to master the MOC written examination.

Optimal preparation for the ABOG MOC Part III written exam consists of:

  1. The Compendium Review in print ($599*) or online-only ($549)
  2. A one-year online subscription to QuizWhiz™ ($399)


For a limited time: Purchase both the Compendium Review and QuizWhiz, and take $100 off your order! Use the coupon code "suitedeal" when ordering.

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* Orders for the print version of the Compendium Review include complimentary online access. An $18 shipping and handling fee is added to the cost of the Compendium Review in print. Sales tax is added for orders in New York State.