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The Rapid Recert QuizWhiz™

Complementing the Compendium Review is our online database of over 1,000 Board-level questions, the QuizWhiz™. Our carefully formulated multiple-choice questions mimic the Board’s style and focus, and are drawn from known high-yield sources. Questions are arranged according to the Board's "selectives," with hundreds of questions in each category. The answer to each question is provided, together with a link to the relevant section of the Compendium Review for reinforcement.*

Your QuizWhiz™ subscription gives you one full year of unlimited access to our online database of questions. You can return as often as you like: Our server keeps track of questions you’ve already answered, so you’ll see fresh material every time you log on. You can log on to review questions from any computer with internet access. Review questions at your leisure or, if you prefer, let the QuizWhiz™ serve you a timed, scored test on each of your selectives… just like the actual ABOG MOC Part III exam!

We recommend 30-60 minutes of review using our QuizWhiz™ each week to optimally prepare for the ABOG recertification written exam.

An annual subscription to QuizWhiz™ online is available for $399.

* You must purchase the Compendium Review to view the sections referenced in QuizWhiz™. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND purchase of the Compendium Review to complement your QuizWhiz™ subscription

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