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I never received my materials in the mail. What should I do?

If your materials are shipped to your office address, check with your office staff first. In our experience, over 90% of "materials not received" have been delivered and inadvertently discarded by staff. Also, confirm that you have ordered the materials in print format: If you ordered "online access only" you will not be receiving materials by mail. If you cannot locate materials ordered in print format, email us at

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I’ve forgotten my login or password. How can I retrieve it?

You can retrieve your login information here. An automated email will be sent, usually within a minute or two. If you don’t see an email from in your inbox, check your "junk" or "spam" folders. If you are unable to retrieve your login information using our automated system, email us at, or call us at 1.877.273.2378.

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When is the deadline for completing the online test on the ABOG readings?

The online test covering the annual readings must be completed by 15th of December.

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When do I have to take the written exam for recertification?

Beginning in 2013, all Board-certified Ob-Gyns in the 6th year of their recertification cycle will be required to take a secure Ob-Gyn Board Review written examination to maintain their certification. The test will be offered in proctored testing centers throughout the year.

Because of differences in individual practice patterns, ABOG has divided the examination into four "selectives": Obstetrics only; gynecology only; office practice and women’s health only; and a obstetrics/gynecology/office practice/women’s health selective covering all areas. Diplomates must choose two out of four selectives at the time of their application for the written exam. The written examination for each selective consists of 50 multiple-choice questions; The complete written examination covering two selectives thus amounts to 100 questions.

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What if I don’t pass the written examination?

ABOG has indicated that diplomates can take the examination up to 5 times in a given year; however, diplomates must pass the examination before December 15th of year 6 of their MOC cycle in order to remain Board-certified.

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When will I get the results of the written examination?

ABOG has indicated that results of the written examination will be posted on diplomates' personalized member pages within 6 weeks of taking the examination. Our subscribers have told us that test results are usually available on the ABOG site within a week.

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How do I know when I have to take the written examination?

Diplomates must take the written examination in year 6 of their Maintenance of Certification cycle. To find out which year of the MOC cycle you are in, login at; on your personalized member home page, you will find your cycle year under "Current MOC Status."

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What products can I use to prepare for the written recertification examination?

Rapid Recert™ offers a suite of products specifically designed to prepare you for the ABOG recertification written exam. ABOG explicitly advises diplomates to be familiar with the material in the ACOG Compendium of Publications. Our core review product is the Rapid Recert™ Compendium Review. Published annually, the Compendium Review distills the 2,000+ page ACOG Compendium of Publications into a concise but comprehensive, readable book. Every ACOG Practice Bulletin, Committee Opinion, Technology Assessment, and Policy Statement published before January of the edition year is included. Our online QuizWhiz™ is designed to complement the Compendium Review: We’ve developed a database of hundreds of Board-like multiple-choice questions which reference specific documents in the Compendium Review.

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How does the new MOC (Maintenance of Certification) process work?

Obstetricians and Gynecologists are certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ABOG). Before 1986, ABOG certified candidates for life. Beginning in 1986, candidates achieving Board certification were issued a 10-year certificate; starting in 2001, initial Board certification was further limited to 6 years. In order to remain Board-certified after their certificate expired, candidates had to be "recertified". Until 2008, candidates could choose one of three ways to remain certified. They could take a written exam or an oral exam every six years, or they could read ABOG's article assignments and complete a take-home test yearly.

Beginning January 1, 2008, recertification has been replaced by MOC, or "maintenance of certification." MOC is a continuous six-year cycle which every ob/gyn must complete in order to remain Board-certified. There are four parts to MOC. The first part, "professional standing"simply requires that a physician holds an unrestricted medical license in all states/territories in which they are licensed to practice, and that they agree to abide by ACOG's ethical polices and ABOG's guidelines and policies, as published in the ABOG Bulletin. Part 2 of the MOC process consists of reading assigned articles yearly and passing a take-home test based on those articles; part 2 of MOC is essentially equivalent to the old ABC (Annual Board Certification) process. Part 3 of MOC consists of a secure, proctored written exam administered every six years. Diplomates must take the written exam in the fifth or sixth year of every MOC cycle; since MOC began on January 1 2008, the first written exams will be offered in 2012. Part 4 of MOC consists of self-assessment of practice performance: Together with ACOG, ABOG is developing educational "modules" which physicians can use to assess their own practice patterns and policies. These would typically require physicians to pull charts from their practice and self-assess whether "best practices" are employed. While the "modules" are not graded, physicians must complete ten of them over each six-year MOC cycle to remain Board-certified.

Beginning in 2010, ABOG requires diplomates in the third year of their recertification cycle to complete an online Safety and Communication course. Accessed through, the course consists of 14 "chapters" of Powerpoint slides covering aspects of patient safety and communication. At the end of each section, you must complete an online post-test, answering at least 80% of questions correctly. Diplomates in year 3 of the maintenance of certification cycle must complete only ONE set of readings and associated questions (e.g., January) in addition to completing the Safety and Communications course.

More information on the MOC process is available at

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When will I receive my question books from ABOG?

The Board previously mailed (or emailed) test booklets to candidates in January, April and July. Beginning in 2008, test questions will be accessed online by logging into After registering for the MOC process, diplomates may access the titles and citations of articles cited by the Board, together with the questions pertaining to those articles. The test process is now completed online and answers submitted electronically. Note that the Board does NOT provide the full text of the articles due to copyright laws.

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How do I contact ABOG?

You can write to ABOG at 2915 Vine Street, Dallas, TX 75204. You can fax ABOG at (214) 871-1943. Further information is available at the ABOG website ( ).

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What's the difference between Basic Service and Premium Print Service?

Basic Service subscribers have unlimited online access to our summaries by logging into our website. Premium Print Service subscribers receive each set of summaries in print by mail, professionally bound and sheathed in a protective jacket. Premium Print Service includes complimentary online access as well.

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When will summaries be available on

We strive to produce our summaries as rapidly as possible without sacrificing quality. Subscribers will typically be able to access summaries online approximately four weeks after distribution of titles by the Board. Subscribers to our Premium Print Service can expect to receive their summary books by mail approximately 6 weeks after release of article titles.

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Can I print the summaries?

Yes. Our website is configured to allow users to print article summaries. According to our terms and conditions, these summaries are for the sole use of the subscriber. Unauthorized distribution or reproduction of copyrighted materials is both unethical and unlawful. To print a summary, open it and click "print this page" near the top of the screen. If you prefer to receive the summaries by mail--bound, printed and sheathed in a protective jacket-- choose our Premium Print Service.

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What forms of payment do you accept?

Payment is accepted through credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

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How long are the summaries?

Summaries are typically 1-2 pages in length.

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Are the answers definitely in the summaries?

We initially prepare our summaries without referencing the questions on the ABC exam; this ensures that subscribers obtain a truly complete summary of the ideas and results presented in the articles. In the final editing step, consideration is given to the questions asked in the ABC exam.

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Does Rapid Recert provide summaries for the subspecialty (e.g., MFM) recertification exams?

At present, we do not provide this service.

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What is the Safety and Communication course, and when do I have to complete it?

Beginning in 2010, ABOG requires diplomates in the third year of their recertification cycle to complete an online Safety and Communication course. This course replaces the April and July reading list for diplomates in the third year of their recertification cycle. Accessed through, the course consists of 14 "chapters" of Powerpoint slides covering aspects of patient safety and communication. At the end of each section, you must complete an online post-test, answering at least 80% of questions correctly.

To determine your recertification cycle year, simply login to The "Current MOC Status" box at the bottom of your personal home page will identify your cycle year. If you are in the third year of the recertification cycle, you will not have a mandatory reading list in April or July.

Note that diplomates must answer the 60 questions from the January reading list before they can access the online Safety and Communication course.

Subscribers are urged to determine their cycle year before ordering summaries. Refunds will not be offered.

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