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The Rapid Recert™ Compendium Review

The MOC written exam is designed to evaluate diplomates' knowledge of current concepts, treatments, and technologies relevant to clinical practice. Since this spans a broad range of subject matter, many diplomates have sought guidance on how to prepare for the exam. The Board, in its 2013 Bulletin, offers only this terse guidance: "Diplomates are advised to be familiar with the material in the ACOG Compendium."

The ACOG Compendium is a collection of several hundred individual documents, including Practice Bulletins, Committee Opinions, Technology Assessments, and Policy Statements. The content is updated monthly, so it is always up-to-date…and always growing: In fact, at over 2,000 pages, it’s grown so unwieldy that ACOG doesn’t even publish it in print anymore!

The Compendium is just too big to read from cover to cover. So how do you prepare for the MOC Part III written exam? Board review courses cost thousands of dollars, plus the travel and accommodations…not to mention the cost of lost time from your practice. Moreover, Board review courses are designed to prepare you for your oral Boards: Mock oral exams, case list reviews, and oral testing strategies are simply not relevant for the MOC written exam. Are you really going to waste your time and money preparing for the wrong exam?

Rapid Recert has a better solution: We’ve summarized the entire ACOG Compendium of Publications in one manageable volume: The Rapid Recert™ Compendium Review. Every January, we publish an updated edition which contains concise, high-quality summaries of every Practice Bulletin, Committee Opinion, and Technology Assessment issued by ACOG. Titles are organized by area of practice (obstetrics, gynecology, and office practice/woman’s health) so you can concentrate on your two chosen selectives. As always, our summaries are professionally prepared, meticulously edited, and laser-focused on high-yield test material. The 300-page Compendium Review is the definitive study guide for the MOC Part III written examination.

To prepare for the year-six written exam, we recommend reviewing the two sections of the Compendium Review corresponding to your chosen selectives.

The Compendium Review is available as an online-only version for $549, and published in print for $599 (plus $18 shipping and handling).

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